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Here at Peak Wedding Planning we value a lot of things, but one thing more than almost anything else - VIEWS! So, for our very first post what else would we touch on than how to find your perfect view and why it's important?! Let's dig in...

Did you know that couples can spend up to 50% of their budgets just on their wedding venue?

And that isn't even the highest reported percentage!

So, why is the venue the most important *and expensive* item on your list? Well, a few reasons...

First, your venue needs to be accessible to the people you want at your celebration. For couples that are expecting a larger guest list, a wedding off the beaten path might not be so realistic. For any attendee with physical limitations a 2 mile hike into the woods may sway them into not attending. On the other hand, for couples looking to elope in Colorado their guests may not be able to make the trip due to financial or career limitations. The best approach to this dilemma is to actively prioritize your guest list and set boundaries for your venue options based on any limitations for your must have guests.

Second, your venue needs to work into your budget. And we aren't just talking about the rental fee! Many venues include limitations on what vendors you can or cannot use which can throw a wrench into any well thought out budget. For couples looking at venues that require you to use one of their: caterers, day of coordinators, bakeries, bar services or photographers - make sure to sit down with each of these vendors before agreeing to the venue. Too often couples get trapped into paying for a vendor that is out of their budget due to their vendor requirements. The best approach to this dilemma is to communicate with your venue, or planner, to figure out what requirements will affect your other vendor options.

Last, but not least, your venue needs to bring you JOY! Photographers are wonderful advocates for this because they understand that your venue sets the background for all of your photos. While your wedding may only last for a day, your photos will be what you share with your children, friends and family for years to come. We always tell our couples that if they can leave the venue smiling, then we know what their choice is.

Simply put, your wedding venue is the foundation and background for your most adored memories - so, make sure you chose your very own peak with the most incredible view.

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